Receive your refund 24/48 hours faster.

Choose from the following ways to receive your Tax Refund.


Tax Refund Bank Check

With the Tax Refund Bank Check, applicable fees are deducted from the refund amount, and you receive a check for the balance – quick and easy!  The check will be available immediately upon deposit by the treasury department or applicable state agency.


  • Receive refund up to 2 days sooner than regular direct deposit
  • Text message and/or email notification when check is ready

Tax Refund Bank Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of a timely direct deposit.  Once the refund is received, we will deduct the fees and expedite the proceeds to your checking or savings account through ACH direct deposit.


  • No check cashing fees
  • Text messages and/or email notification when funds are forwarded to the bank

Tax Refund Debit Card

The Refund Advantage Debit Card is similar to a standard ATM/Debit card.  You receive the debit card when you leave the office.  Once the refund is processed by the treasury department, the refund amount (less tax preparation fee) will be deposited onto the card for your immediate use. 


  • No check cashing fees
  • Refund can be withdrawn from an ATM for immediate access to cash or the card can be used as a Point-of-sale anywhere that accepts VISA.
  • No setup fees